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It’s happening with or without you. The covid pandemic has accelerated it.

Businesses now more than ever need a digital online presence just to stand a chance of surviving

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"10 years of ecommerce growth happened in just 90 days"

In a recent FORBES article written by Jia Wertz, she goes on to quote Nisha Dua “This is not just a pandemic disruption. This is an evolution of brand and online purchasing”

Katherine McKee says “brands who had not previously paid attention to online behaviour -because instore was so successful for them – suddenly ….have to pivot and the best way to do that …..improve your website

When businesses choose Spear to design, create and build their website or improve an existing  website, Spear delivers far more  because when you buy a Spear website, you get a full digital marketing strategy with a business that cares. 

You can read the full Forbes article here

ALLOW your dreams
TO come to life

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For a vision to be worth following everyone involved has to win.

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As an independent Spear Marketing Consultant, you have the opportunity to build your own business selling our products and services.

But to be successful, you need to be prepared to put in the work, be consistent, earn while you learn and follow the system. 

If you can do that and you put in the effort, there are several opportunities within Spear Marketing to create multiple sources of residual income streams. 

but, don't just take our word for it, read the stories that matter from just a few of our
amazing spear MARKETers

We began working with Tina in late 2020 the objective to completely revamp her website. Our goal was to create and build a site that has the ability to generate an income whilst she sleeps.  


The process has involved an all inclusive approach from designing courses and collaboratively working with Tina in creating new products to bolster her existing programs. 

The website has been just one ingredient, just one piece of the jigsaw and with the strategy decided we have begun to focus on the supporting ‘acts’ such social media, email marketing, goals, lead generation and optimisation. 

For long term success, it’s a process that takes 12 months to create and we have been there every step of the way. Read what Tina has to say here

tina's not our only client, read more about our clients journeys. more than just a testimonial,
we've turned them into case studies